AvantiCare’s leadership is passionate about improving the way in which we deliver care to all adults, taking a goal orientated approach and not a symptomatic focused one.

A section of our business is focused on improving quality and outcomes achieved in aged care by delivering services that recognise the rights and capabilities of older people, and which maintain and create purpose and meaning in people’s lives as they age.

This is a philosophy that we embed in our own practice, and promote through our education and training services available to the broader sector.

The decision to incorporate wellness models and meaningful activity approaches into our business will ensure that people age with wellbeing, dignity and purpose well into the future. Society celebrates youth and doesn’t value the potential of the elderly. Older people are considered a burden, yet they have a wealth of wisdom, insight and experience that can be tapped into and they can still contribute in many ways.

Wellbeing and purpose

Through the programs we deliver, the services we design and models we develop, we can demonstrate that wellbeing and purpose can be a normal part of ageing, we can facilitate a shift in these attitudes to view the elderly as an asset to society. Ageing should be celebrated, not feared or denied.

By demonstrating that wellbeing and purpose can be a normal part of ageing, we can facilitate a shift in attitudes such that ageing becomes celebrated, not feared or denied. We achieve this demonstration by building aged care models that incorporate wellness and reablement, which is consistent with the new Aged Care Quality Standards, and that recognise the critical role of purpose in every individual’s life.

The focus of assessment and treatment planning should always remain on wellbeing and quality of life, leveraging strengths and remaining capacity to enable and empower.

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