Aiming for impact

I commenced as a Speech Pathologist in 1997, before leaving the public sector in 2000 to commence working in the private sector. I also got married in 2000 and knew that before long we wanted to start a family. I had a burning desire to work from home and have the opportunity be available as much as possible for my children in the early years. Although it meant my career sat in the wings for a while, I am extremely grateful for that time.

”I have always had a yearning for developing a team of allied health therapists and growing a business that could have an impact on the aged care industry.”

Initially, I established a Speech Pathology business based from my home, which allowed me flexibility with the family whilst working. I worked in this business for about 10 years and found it organically grew over that time. Once my youngest commenced school, I couldn’t resist the urge to expand the business into multiple allied health disciplines. I then established the company AvantiCare approximately 6 years ago and have been in the role of managing director since then.

Passion from experience

The values that I hold in highest regard are authenticity, integrity, passion, empathy, compassion, honesty, vulnerability and empowerment. I live my values visibly every day at work and at home. It is important to be the person others choose to follow. I remain true to who I am and lead by example as I believe actions speak louder than words. My values are reflected in the models of service that I develop, the organisations that I choose to align with and even in the qualities of the staff in my team. I embody my values in business transactions and negotiations, dealing with conflict and dispute resolution. When my staff require support or are dealing with challenges, I am nurturing and compassionate and will treat them with respect and care.

Ageing with Purpose

Lidia Conci, Managing Director of AvantiCare, takes you on a journey of discovery to help understand the difference between passively growing old and proactively taking control, in order to age with purpose.