We have created an environment where staff are comfortable sharing their points of view and we acknowledge and appreciate each person’s unique perspective and different way of thinking.

Diversity of thought is a criterion we seek when recruiting new staff, it is encouraged through staff contributions at monthly meetings and planning days and is cultivated further through staff in-services. Our team played a large role at this year’s strategic planning day by contributing to the development of our company’s core values. This was a wonderful demonstration of diversity of thought in action and fostered creativity and ownership of our core values.


Lidia Conci
Founder & CEO

Catherine Battiste
General Manager

Angela Gray
Health Hub Manager

Laura Millbank
Home Health Manager

Peter Tran
Clinical Operations Manager

Flexible and friendly

Our culture is geared towards a family friendly environment and our workplace flexibility policy permits numerous options for flexible working arrangements.

AvantiCare has tackled this challenge through creating meaningful employment and a culture of care for its staff. We promote innovation within service delivery and encourage our staff to be creative and foster their interest in new ideas and projects. This leads to novel approaches that achieve better client outcomes. We achieve this by being willing to experiment and create new modes of delivery, within the parameters of the funding instrument. This requires us to consciously prioritise quality and outcomes over profit, which is something we have always been committed to doing.

We engage our staff in new service creation that represents the cutting-edge of thinking and embeds international, evidence-based approaches that have often been untried in a local context.

All service design is undertaken within the seven dimensions of wellness that underpin our practice methodology. Operating within such a positive and outcomes-driven model, which fundamentally believes in the right and ability of older people to live fulfilled lives, provides inspiration to our staff. On a daily basis they actively see how their work is changing and improving the lives of clients in a deep and sustainable way.

AvantiCare’s leadership is passionate about improving the quality and outcomes achieved through aged care by delivering services that recognise the rights and capabilities of older people, and which maintain and create purpose and meaning in people’s lives as they age. This is a philosophy that we embed in our own practice, and promote through our education and training services available to the broader sector.

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