AvantiCare supply a full complement of holistic allied healthcare, wellbeing services, education and training to the Aged Care Industry. We have been delivering services to the sector for over 20 years.

At the core of our business there is an emphasis on restorative care approaches through the delivery of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietetics and Podiatry. We believe that positive ageing is best achieved with a holistic approach, and so our model incorporates wellbeing services.

The philosophy that underpins our model and all the services we deliver is that having purpose and meaningful activity in an individual’s life enhances wellbeing and reduces or delays physical and cognitive decline. There is an emerging body of research that supports this philosophy and allied health clinicians are proficient in driving this as they are trained in restorative care approaches.

AvantiCare Services

When you use AvantiCare, you can choose from a wide range of specialist allied health services, including but not limited to:

Why AvantiCare for residential services?

Through the programs we deliver, the services we design and models we develop, we can demonstrate that wellbeing and purpose can be a normal part of ageing, we can facilitate a shift in these attitudes to view the elderly as an asset to society. Ageing should be celebrated, not feared or denied.

We achieve this demonstration by building aged care models that incorporate wellness and reablement, which is consistent with the new Aged Care Quality Standards, and that recognise the critical role of purpose in every individual’s life.

The focus of assessment and treatment planning should always remain on wellbeing and quality of life, leveraging strengths and remaining capacity to enable and empower.

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We visit clients at locations from Gawler to Goolwa.

We try our best to ensure you have consistency with your therapist, but we may need to change due to logistical or leave requirements.

Our therapists take a holistic approach and tailor the therapy to suit you and your needs. Our role is always to support you so you can achieve your best outcome.

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