Passion from experience

AvantiCare has developed a service model that facilitates wellness and enables individuals to experience purpose and engage in activities that are most meaningful for them.

By delivering individually-tailored services that address the dimensions of wellness, we ensure support that is holistic, person-centred and which nurtures positive ageing as defined by the goals and priorities of our clients. It shifts our mindset from one of disease management, to one which focuses on prevention and lifestyle strategies and which embodies active ageing and a reablement approach.

We invest in our team’s professional development by tailoring a specific program to each staff member. This includes Individual Development Plans (IDP), an annual PD allowance for self-directed learning and monthly staff directed in-services. We have also developed a robust recruitment process which gives weighting to value alignment, to ensure we maintain our positive company culture.

AvantiCare’s Beginnings

AvantiCare’s creation was inspired by the early career experience of our Managing Director, Lidia Conci, working within the long-term reablement and rehabilitation philosophy of the former Julia Farr Centre.

Our Beginnings

AvantiCare’s Vision

AvantiCare’s vision is about improving the quality of aged care by delivering services that recognise the rights and capabilities of older people, and which maintain and create purpose and meaning in people’s lives as they age.

Our Vision

Our Team

We have created an environment where staff are comfortable sharing their points of view and we acknowledge and appreciate each person’s unique perspective and different way of thinking.

Our Team

Lidia Conci

The values that Lidia holds in highest regard are authenticity, integrity, passion, empathy, compassion, honesty, vulnerability and empowerment.

Lidia Conci

Ageing with Purpose

Lidia Conci, Managing Director of AvantiCare, takes you on a journey of discovery to help understand the difference between passively growing old and proactively taking control, in order to age with purpose.